Saturday, January 31, 2009

now building, Path of Evil campaign

When I'm not fixing the bugs people have found in part one, I've been working on the ongoing campaign. I plan on at least six additional companions being available. Here is one possible companion.

The Tortured King: a once good human ruler of a long dead kingdom, the Tortured King was corrupted and came to rule with an iron fist. Long dead, the Tortured King still exists, his essence bound into an animated suit of armor. The Tortured King is bound to his Tomb. If you have enough intelligence, you can break this bond. Other companions may also know how to break the bond that keeps the Tortured King in his Tomb.

The Tortured King starts as a fighter, with high strength and wisdom.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Path of Evil module Approaching 1.0 release

It was embarrassing to release a mod and then have so many folks report so many bugs and be forced to switch it to Beta. But I've been diligent in addressing them, and now reports seem to be more minor things and not so many gamebreakers. 1.0 should be soon, I vowed to wait a week from the last bug report before going 1.0.

It goes to show I guess that testing your own module only goes so far. You wrote it, so you know where everything is and all the ins and outs and what "should be". I'd squashed 150-200 bugs before releasing it onto the Vault.

All the feedback I've received has taught me a lot on where to look for bugs and how to better plan things when designing/building.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Testing, 1...2...3...