Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shadow Thief: Crimmor

Shadow Thief: Crimmor will provide typically 3 hours of gameplay focused on solo non-combat rogue play. The module is completable without any combat and face to face combat is purposely made extremely difficult to impossible. No xp is awarded for combat, only quest completion and exploration.

Use your skills as a Shadow Thief in the streets of the Amnian caravan capital of Crimmor. The module assumes you are a Shadow Thief, but would play fine if you wanted to pretend you were a Harper Agent infiltrating them. Players start at level 8 (may change). You can level up ingame. Rogue class is not forced but the game will likely be uncompletable if you are not at least primarily a rogue class as the module is all about skill usage.

The lockpicking GUI is courtesy Hellfire and KC of RWS. PRR controls chest ownership and pickpocketing.

As a proof of the concept of non-combat play and rogue play, Shadow Thief: Crimmor is almost entirely composed of prefabs and recycles some quests from my Path of Evil campaign. Because of this, it's already reached internal testing.

Friday, January 14, 2011


The "patch hak" is working wonderfully. So thanks to Lance Botelle and Shaughn for that. I'm mostly focused on doing the support for the release right now, answering questions and of course fixing those pesky post-release bugs. Eventually I might write up all the little easter eggs I stuck in the game.