Monday, June 28, 2010

I think that guy is mad.

Doesn't he look mad?

I've nearly finished polishing the companion quests. The screenshot is from one, and features one very oversized hezrou, using a sgk prefab (sgk is awesome). Just one companion sidequest remaining: the undead aren't attacking everything along their waypoints like they should. They just walk them and ignore the villager attacking them instead of attacking them. Hmmm, the factions are correct, the undead are hostile to all but themselves and player, and have the default ai. I thought critters would stop walking waypoint sets to attack something they are hostile to? Guess not.
I think my half orc companion's quest is my favorite quest for the entire game. A fun reversal of a common quest.  I hope there will be lots of "MUAHAHAHA!" if players do it. I was doing my best "evil laugh" in testing.
Oh yeah, finished polishing up another city too. No quest bugs, only polish type bugs. So that made things pretty quick on the fixing. This month has been extremely productive in terms of numbers of bugs fixed and getting different modules finalized. Maybe because most quest related bugs had already been ironed out, those take longer than giving a guard a post waypoint or highlighting something in a conversation.
Reading Wyrin's thread on the forums for White Plume Mountain and hearing the bugs people are posting for a well known author makes me feel better about my own bugs. I'm nearing number 2,000 :-)

Monday, June 21, 2010

When is it "Done"?

So 6 of the 12 modules in my campaign I consider "done". These include the majority of quest content, since four of them are city centered modules and these are where most of the quest action takes place. The rest is for the overland maps (2 modules), two more city centered modules, and small modules for the endgame (four areas) and companion quests (10-12 areas).

The two remaining city centered modules need a few more trips through them trying to break stuff and catching those small things like typos or putting [] instead of <> in a conversation node so it doesn't show in the right color. The endgame module should be all done but for balancing, but I want another pass through to check for bugs. The companion sidequests are relatively straightforward, but the least tested. Everywhere I've put on the overland map functions fine, but the overland maps are sparser than I'd like.

So, fellow builders, when do you consider something "done"? There's the temptation to keep adding, whether more locations and quests to a sandbox style adventure, or more depth in systems (I'm loooking at you Lance Botelle :-) ). Then you start wanting to go back to stuff you worked on early in the adventure and bring it up to your later standards. If you let it, it never ends.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's Destroy Faerun

I've been kicking this idea around for awhile since doing some research on Faerun lore for Path of Evil.

According to the Faerun wiki, one of the demon/devil lords plots involves bringing Abeir-Toril into the Hells. Sounds like the beginnings of a solid plot right, to stop them from doing so? Well yeah, if you want something easy to accomplish.

No, instead our plot starts after Abier-Toril has already been brought into the Hells. With chaos everywhere, the Lords of Waterdeep have sent out a call to anyone willing to aid them. Their goal is to collect various artifacts (or activate them or whatever) that will be used to bring Toril back into the Prime. The Lords have a portal the players can use to get where they need to go to collect/activate etc. Even evil aligned players would have an incentive to do this, since being in the Hells probably interferes with their own evil plans.

So what you'd have is a central base with portals anywhere a designer would want to go, and carte blanche to do whatever to the location thanks to the shift to the Hells. Obviously this would be a high/epic level adventure.