Friday, October 19, 2012

Jumping implemented in NWN2.

Nexus link
Vault link

Rewrite of the Markshire Climbing system ( into a jumping system. There's not a whole lot of Markshire code left.

Included demo area includes jumping to a waypoint destination, and jumping dynamically around at area based on player facing. Dynamic jumping is blocked by sufficient obstruction, or lack of a line of sight to the destination. Falling damage is calculated how far you fall on the z axis (in other words, it reads from the actual map and determines the distance of the fall. Jumping/falling is handled per d20 srd rules for jumping and falling.

The dynamic jumping would be suitable for implementation as a feat, presumably with some sort of cooldown. You'd probably want to make the player select a destination, and could use some of the DC code from the waypoint jump function to determine the DC.

Technically, the pc doesn't actually jump and inhabit the space of the path. The code for dynamic jumping looks for obstructions in the determined path of the jump, and won't jump if there's too many invalid locations in between, or if the jumper's line of sight is blocked (there are included messages for each).

youtube video showing directional jumping:

early video, shows targetted jump and illustrated the bug mentioned above

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good reason for an update :-)

As of today, the new main plot is tested through to completion in the test area. That makes a nice milestone towards completion. There's still a bunch of lines of conversation in the new plot that say "placeholder...", but the conditionals and scripts are in and apparently working.

Take care of some placeholder sidequests. They work, but aren't fully developed, or the areas for them are placeholders.
Put in sound in areas that don't currently have it.
Get consistency of activities through the campaign. For instance the use of my generic foraging/scavenging system is currently concentrated in a few areas. There are many other areas where I could realistically add potentially scavengable items.
Eliminate placeholder conversations, and get a consistent 'voice' for the Thieves Cant spoken in the campaign. There's a lot of Cant spoken in Crimmor, but since I'm learning it and writing over a period of time, I need to go over things and edit where needed so it has a consistent 'voice'
Miscellaneous scripting of npc activities to bring the city to life. My commoner ai goes a long way, but some npc's need specific scripting.
More pre-beta testing, testing, testing.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Freesound project is released!

Nexus link

Approximately 2450 sounds from, re-encoded and renamed by myself so they can be used in nwn2. I have also provided nwn2 sound blueprints for each sound. This is roughly 10x the number of sounds nwn2 includes via the toolset. This pack is complete with blueprints organized into categories based on default nwn2 sound organization. Sounds from are licensed under one of four Creative Commons licenses, see the credits for specifics. The filenames had to be shortened for nwn2, so the initial number matches the number of the file on (the numbers are unique).

Note that these sounds are generally recorded from real life, and are generally high quality (some of the "zombie groans" are groan worthy :-) )

Sounds have been grouped into 4 groups of approximately equal number of files. You probably want to download all four groups, and select the sounds that work for your module or campaign, removing the rest. The sounds should be copied to your module or campaign folder. The blueprints go in the same location, and will appear in the toolset under the category.

Blueprint categories, all are under the category:
Background and Ambient: similar to the default Background category, plus sounds that make for good area wide ambient sound
Cave: sounds most likely to be found in caves, rubble and the like.
Chatter: Same as default, sound for groups of people, crowds etc
City & Town: same as default, most useful for placing in cities/towns, generally the sound of work being done
Creatures: same as default, creatures, animals, birds, vermin
Dungeon or Creepy Sound: sounds most likely to be used for dungeons or creepy effects.
Environmental: same as default, sounds of water, fire etc.
Human Vocalization: individuals speaking, coughing, etc.
Instruments and music: both melodies and single notes
Modern Day House: sounds from real life, lawnmowers, microwaves and such
Sci-Fi sounding SFX: hopefully self explanatory
Short SFX like clicks or beeps: brief sounds for use as button presses or the like.

I categorized the sounds by listening to them, so things are likely not perfectly categorized.

Credit to Tchos for working out how to batch convert sounds for use in nwn2. ( 

"Okay, I did a few.  There are only a couple of steps, really.
  1. Get WinFF.

  2. Drag your sound files into it, and use the settings shown here (Bitrate: 96, Channels: 1).  Hit the "Convert" button.

  3. Get MP3toBMU.

  4. Navigate it to your mp3s and select them all.

  5. Make sure your screen looks like this screenshot ("rename .wav" selected), and then hit the button.

  6. Serve hot."