Monday, December 28, 2009

Path of Evil now in internal testing! Screenshots!

Yay for me! To celebrate here are some screenshots from where I'm currently testing.

The Tortured King, one of the companions.

A mountain pass (a prefab)

Inside, infravision can be most useful....

Otherwise things look like this (and this area is "lit"), many dungeon areas are pitch black.

Like this.... (those glowing eyes belong to the Tortured King)

Exteriors are dark at night too.

Just in case you thought everything was pitch black....
it can be pretty during the day.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dorateen's gonna hate me....

I'll keep that title since the last update was just yesterday and a catchy title makes for more readers according to Azenn....

A few areas weren't really filled in as much as I'd liked even though they were "done". Sadly, I got stuck at work the weekend after Thanksgiving since the company voicemail system crashed. In good news for those of you who might enjoy my work, I had a creative blast (brought on by long work hours and exhaustion I think...) and wrote down a bunch of new quest ideas while waiting for things with the voicemail system.

Then I used some downtime during the regular workweek to crank out the conversations related to a lot of the quests. So one city got a related set of 9 quests working for a mysterious employer, and another got a quest that stretches out into 8-9 parts. These only required my adding one new area, which is another reason they were quick to add. That's a little more than 1/2 of what I came up with while zombified working on the voicemail. The rest of the ideas I came up with should also go relatively quickly as they are adding in to existing areas for the most part.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dorateen's going to be mad at me....

Dorateen's going to be mad at me. I made a fire giant encampment. The fire giant description says they look like oversized, ugly dwarves.... so I used recolored dwarves for my fire giants so they can have more variety than the single fire giant NWN2 provides. I should even make one say Harumph! (Hi Dorateen).... If you want giant size items I found that a 2.4,2.4,2.4 scale works very well. It's what you see in the screenshot here.

Also, I thought this screenshot was hysterical. There is Joe the Generic Adventurer. He is at normal scale. The fire giants are doing laundry.....