Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tel Badir

This is the desert town of Tel Badir, mostly home to D'Tarig traders. In the second screenshot, the camera is still in the walkmesh, giving you an idea of the size of the area. I put it together using three maps from J.E. McKellar's Wassau prefabs on the Vault. Terracoppa was used to combine the three separate maps (they are contiguous areas on separate maps originally), and then converted the terrain to a desert setting from the original setting, building this town where there originally had been a small camp.

In this area I was experimenting with keeping the player on an single external map for a significant time, hopefully at least a full day/night cycle if the player does all the quests here, so there are no interiors. This is justified ingame as the D'Tarig sleeping and setting up shop outside the even hotter houses during the worst of the desert heat, something that happens in the real world.