Sunday, May 29, 2011

More infilling

After a good period of putting in things via placeholder, working out quest states ans such, I needed to fill in things I'd been doing to allow Crimmor to take on more life of it's own, and match the visions I had for these areas and quests.

Screenshots of conversations aren't exactly interesting, but people always like area screens. Here in the first screenshot is one of the things I've been experimenting with, non-square areas. In the second we see Barmy Ben's Barreltorium, famous Crimmor-wide, one guess what Barmy Ben sells :-) . In the third is see some preliminary work I'm doing in one of the city Wards, dramatically lit at sunset. And finally a warehouse (every good rogue needs to sneak around in one, avoiding guards :-) ).

One of my Crimmor systems is a trigger that reduces hide in shadows skill while you are in it, placed where things are lit. So those lights in the warehouse a functional ingame purpose. I hope to get it expanded to allow a rogue to put out lights where relevant in order to preserve their ability to hide, but haven't done any work towards this yet.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dwarves: Inveterate Beekeepers

 I had these in as placeholder areas before, but now they are fleshed out.

The first screen is Naw Bahar monastery. Depending on your choices, it may be a main plot location, or it may not.

The second screen is Rinif Honey and Pollen. Bet you didn't know dwarves are inveterate beekeepers, did you? Well they are. Honey is the main ingredient in mead. Visit Rinif and learn all about apiary.