Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The "Logic Pass"

I've completed my pass through all the existing areas adding sound. That's good as doing the sound for a campaign is not high on my list of fun to do things. I normally don't pay a lot of attention to sound in games and often just turn sound off. Like Path of Evil and Crimmor, there won't be music for maps, except that I will have music for the overland map. I have about 20 custom content music tracks.

The current step I have started working on I call the "logic pass". This means I am doing things like looking for plot holes and generally giving things a once over trying to figure out if they make sense. They don't have to make sense from the standpoint of what the pc knows about, but they should make sense from the perspective of the characters in question. The logic pass can take a varying amount of time, as I often discover I need to add areas or quests, or do significant writing/re-writing. In fact I've already added an area, some npcs, and dialogs.