Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tile project released

The purpose of this project is to add tint support and retexturing support to all NWN2 tilesets. Additionally, this project adds the ability to use all exterior textures on interiors. Due to the wide variety of tiles and textures, not all combinations will look good on all tilesets, you will need to experiment.

Includes the unreleased Jungle Ruins set by RWS. This set is not complete.

Notes: Several tilesets were released without all the standard tiles. These tilesets have a zero in the tiles.2da for the missing tiles, to indicate this tile is a standard tileset tile that does not exist. There is some intentional duplication of textures, as several tilesets use the same textures. The duplicates exist in folders for each tileset that uses them, so if you elect to not use a tileset and delete it's texture folder, other tilesets that use that texture will not be affected.

The Huge Caves tileset is supported for retexturing, but not tintable because of the tile geometry.

Screenshots here are RWS Citadel using rust, copper, and Codi-Sigil textures. RWS Dark Mines using the exterior textures Cobblestone44, Snow02, and Grass19. Sunken Ruins in hot pink snow, I don't know why you'd want to do that, but you can. link.

Vault download link.