Monday, February 23, 2009


I was busy over the weekend creating the Calimshite town of al-Qasr al-Kadim. using the Solvheil: Tahamman prefab (, though it barely looks the same anymore as I redid it into a much more arabic looking town and turned half of it into a tent city with oasis. It's populated by Storytellers desert npcs. It's almost all mapped now and the npc's have been put into place. Plotting of quests is also complete, so what remains is actually implementing the quests.

Located somewhere in the deserts of Calimshan, al-Qasr al-Kadim is an entire city of sidequests, mostly centered on plotting, doubledealing and scheming (there is one hack/slash quest). Twelve sidequests have been plotted so far, including two gender specific quests. Two joinable companions are to be found here as well. Since it's pretty much a standalone area, I may release it as it's own module for levels 6-7 with the companions.

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