Thursday, April 23, 2009

1.5 on the Vault (almost)

1.5 is now on the Vault, except I haven't heard back on the request I made 4 days ago to the Vault admins for uploading the hak.

Next up, a set of custom skydomes using the ground textures. Now external dungeons won't have to just go for the skydome_black. 23 skydomes using the cobblestone, cliff and rocky textures. All have been darkened significantly since they are now ceilings underground instead of ground in sunlight. This will give those external dungeons more a sense of being underground than just areas in darkness. The cliff and rocky skydomes will probably be the most useful for people, but cobblestone looks good for areas under city streets, like in say Calimport Muzad....

The actual making of custom skydomes are actually easy enough to make. The tutorial out there is very straightforward. Getting things that look artistically good.... well hopefully people appreciate my effort anyway.

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