Saturday, August 22, 2009

Exotic Inn, complete

So here's a bunch of toolset screenshots from the exotic inn.

Pic 1: reading area

Pic 2: upper hallway

Pic 3: basement level

Pic 4: basement level another angle (crafting and merchants in the back of pic)

Pic 5: main floor

Pic 6: main floor second angle

Pic 7: The drink deliverator

Pic 8: Stairs to basement (note the ode to NWN2/MotB/Soz)

Pic 9: Feature alcoves


  1. Looks good. It's pretty hard to come up with creative ways to do the same old interiors (like inns, shops, etc.)

    You should consider tweaking the lighting a bit. Is it on the default Daytime setting? A matter of taste perhaps, but it seems a bit too light for me.

  2. Thanks Azenn. It's also being used as an gathering/intro area for, so it's a bit too lit on purpose here. These screenshots were to show them, it'll be a bit darker when it shows up in my campaign.