Sunday, November 15, 2009

Special for Nacaal

Seahorse Cove Prefab slum area, default lighting: nighttime

Same area, relit using "Exquisite Lighting" daynightset, made darker at nighttime and using soft windowlights. The lights are SLS "3 Candles" with lerp off. For small windows the "3 candles" radius is reduced to 2. Notice the window glow at top right.

Same area, another view. Notice the glow near the windows from the 3 Candles light, especially visible in the two larger windows near the center of the picture.

Same area, relit using "Exquisite Lighting" daynightset, made darker at moonset and using soft windowlights.

For reference, the same area, using "Exquisite Lighting" daynightset, daytime.

For reference, the same area, default light

Same area, default moonset.


  1. Oh my,THANK YOU!!! This is great tutorial! Thank you for taking the time!

    Btw, I don't know why, but since 3-4 posts your blog entry in my blog list doesn't get updated, it is still stuck on "Stronghold screenshot"!

  2. Lights inside a building still light up the outside when they shine through windows in real life. The idea with the lighting is to capture that, since the building models look like there are lights on inside.

    I chose the candle light because the windows are tinted yellow on the buildings, so the interior light is yellow or the windows are yellow.

    "Exquisite lighting" is great, especially in the day settings. It's much better than the default lighting. I prefer darker nighttimes than it provides, so I shifted the skylights to darker shades until I got the look I wanted.

    You might try cleaning your browser cache if my blog isn't updating. I just have a standard blog.