Monday, December 28, 2009

Path of Evil now in internal testing! Screenshots!

Yay for me! To celebrate here are some screenshots from where I'm currently testing.

The Tortured King, one of the companions.

A mountain pass (a prefab)

Inside, infravision can be most useful....

Otherwise things look like this (and this area is "lit"), many dungeon areas are pitch black.

Like this.... (those glowing eyes belong to the Tortured King)

Exteriors are dark at night too.

Just in case you thought everything was pitch black....
it can be pretty during the day.


  1. I am intrigued by this Tortured King! because he looks familiar (I also have a companion with weird glowing eyes! but he is no king :-) !) and because the armour reminds me of a shogun! it is cool!

  2. The Tortured King: a once good human ruler of a long dead kingdom, the Tortured King was corrupted and came to rule with an iron fist. Long dead, the Tortured King still exists, his essence bound into an animated suit of armor. The Tortured King is bound to his Tomb. If you have enough intelligence, you can break this bond. Other companions may also know how to break the bond that keeps the Tortured King in his Tomb.

    The Tortured King starts as a fighter, with high strength and wisdom.

    The armor is Japanese style, from a hak.