Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ex Scientia Vera

I've been busy while waiting for the bugs to roll in of Path of Evil from my gracious testers. As I've posted before of Social, I was going to do some work on others projects I found interesting. In this case specifically a Lovecraft/Cthulhu PW. It caught my eye a while back because it completely rewrites the DnD ruleset as well as presents a very different world from the standard fantasy world NWN2 operates in. Much of the technical work has been done, though one of the technical people became a daddy recently and dropped off the PW, so they need another scripter type. You can find Zedicius on the irc channel regularly. He hopes for a beta in December.

This map was yatt + L3DT generated. I cleaned things up, made it look proper for it's purpose and reduced it to a usable for PW size. I actually cut it down to nearly a quarter of it's original size while not losing any significant playable area.

These two pics of a snowy fortress are a rough for a specific area by request. We ended up changing it significantly into more of a town, which I don't have pics of.

The rest of the pics are from filling out random encounter areas. Those 4x8 areas you drop into from the overland or for a quick DM encounter. A few things got dropped, like the giant stuff in the dark forest (it didn't fit the lore).

At some point I will pack all these up and release to the Vault.

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