Saturday, September 8, 2012

Path of Evil, Last (?) Patch

In celebration of reaching a much higher number of downloads than I ever anticipated on the Vault, I spent some time on the (hopefully) last patch, v1.20 is up on the Nexus (Link). It's FTP'ed to the Vault for posting as well. This fixes all known issues (except possibly the cleric companions domains) . Because I had to make campaign level changes, you can not patch to 1.20, you must begin a new game (technically, you could overwrite the 1.10 version and changes would apply to modules you hadn't entered yet).

  1. The Stronghold. Time now passes correctly etc. (repeatedly tested)
  2. Carcarin's sidequest (repeatedly tested).
  3. Neon walls in a specific area. (I had to create a new area and place each tile individually, then terra-coppa the non-tile info).
  4. Leadership feat now uses SoZ scripts, so definitely works.
  5. Food Supply quest.
  6. Improvements in the Muzad Trade Dispute quest.
  7. Various other small issues.
If you want to see exactly what was fixed, the amusing complete list of bugs back to pre-release is here.
screenshots: 1: Stronghold time advances.
2: Stronghold soldier: you have a choice of humans, gnolls, or skeletons.
3: The no longer neon walled area.


  1. Hi Kamal,

    I am determined to have another go at this module (lost my game on old computer :( ) ... and so it's good to see you keeping it fully "fixed".


  2. My personal deciding line is 20 reported bugs, patch. Two people are currently reporting bugs via my wiki, and they've reached that number, so there will be at least one more patch. Nothing too critical reported though.