Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's virtually inevitable that there will be bugs found in any release, and naturally Crimmor was not immune to that. I followed the good practice of included a patch hak. What I've done is make the odd number patches via the patch hak, to allow updates for people that have already started and have savegames, and the even number a full update that addresses the things that can't be patched, map changes and such. Version 1.04 should be up at the Vault/Nexus today.

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  1. Kamal,

    I just took a look at some of your screenshots and was blown away ... again!

    I am going to download and take a look at this now ... I don't think I can keep away any longer as I want to check out some of the things you have implemented. Whether I will have the luxury of time to play is another thing, but I hope so ... :)