Sunday, September 15, 2013


I've opened up the toolset again, and settled on a setting. I'll be working on things as I feel like it, instead of grinding things out, so who knows if this will ever see the light of day. These pictures are from proof of concept areas.

Bedine will take place in the Anauroch desert, and the player will play a member of one of the nomadic Bedine tribes. The timeline is some point after the NWN1 expansion Shadows of Undrentide.

Why Bedine? I like nonstandard settings. I like the cleanness/brightness of desert area settings. Tada!

I won't be forcing the plaayer to play specific race/class, but as a Bedine tribemsan the story will treat the player as a human male and a non-spellcasting class. Non-spellcasting as Bedine are very suspicious of magic, and there are very few Bedine spellcasters. Players will also be restricted to traditional Bedine weapons (dagger, kukri, scimitar, sling, spear) and armor (max of leather, Bedine are nomads) until they find other things or reach somewhere they can trade for them.

I'm trying to keep things relatively simple compared to PoE and Crimmor. Of the official campaigns plus my past work, it will be most similar to SoZ. Soz party building will be included, as will a number of cohorts. The cohorts won't have their own stories or quests, just be "lore appropriate" party members for players that would prefer that. The SoZ overland map will be used, though as a native and nomad the player won't be slowed as much by bad terrain.


  1. You have talent ... and it draws you back. :)

    Makes me want to get module one out of the door so I can start working on the new areas of module 2 ... which have been done, and just need me to write the story around now.

    Great stuff Kamal!