Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Bedine Update

I've worked out the plot for two sidequest areas, written the dialog and done the testing for them in my test areas. I still have to finish the maps, do all the blueprints, and such. But the scripts, conversations etc are written and the quests tested. Since the setting is a desert, I'm making fewer sidequests areas that are more involved than the Storm of Zehir overland map where small areas are common. They are closer in length to to the town in SoZ north of Neverwinter that the Luskan's have taken over.

For one of the sidequests I've had to do three custom maps as I couldn't find any prefabs that looked like they would fit. These are partially made, I know where things will go and the maps are partially decorated. For the other I was able to find a prefab map that I could retexture to use as one of the maps. The second map I've placed all the tiles for and know what happens where, and the third map I haven't decided on yet other than knowing what will take place there.

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  1. Hi Kamal,

    Good going. I recently added two additional side quests and now it's taking much longer than I planned.