Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bedine released

If you've ever wanted to be (my version of) a Bedine tribesman in (my version of ) the Anauroch, now you can be. :-)
NWVault or at the Nexus

A campaign for first level players. Note: You will have all your equipment destroyed on entry, and will have the opportunity to pick up Bedine appropriate equipment. 

Bedine characters do not get any feats automatically, but can select among all feats available to the class as if they are bonus feats, allowing for more flexibility in builds. Thus, fighters do not get any armor or weapon proficiencies automatically at level 1, but can select those feats from their feat pools. In the archetype system, characters get the same number of feats as they would otherwise have. Remember to select at least one weapon feat or you're going to be stuck hitting things with your hands.

Bedine has Storm of Zehir style party generation options, as well as lore appropriate cohorts being available.

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