Sunday, July 26, 2009

A feature area is complete.

It is going up on the vault as well (I just submitted it). What are the Red Wizards doing in Samarach? Well, there's only so many non western european style buildings available. This area is neither in Thay nor in Samarach. So when you want an exotic city in NWN2 you're pretty limited. The game really needs a greater variety of unusual building placables that aren't ruins.

Anyway I'd like to encourage other builders to release their areas as prefabs. You know how long area building takes, this area took something like 15-20 hours to make. When my campagin is complete I plan on releasing all the areas I designed in a pack onto the vault. I've already released somewhere between 15-20 (my arabic town prefab contains over something like 10-15 areas by itself).

Anway, releasing areas as prefabs does two things. First it helps promote your module work and promotes you in general in the community (just look at SGK73's abundant excellent work). The second thing is it makes it easier for new builders to get in the game. Having a stock of quality areas makes it easy for new module builders to concentrate on their story. The more prefab solutions (areas, scripts etc) out there the easier it becomes for new builders. And that means more modules for us to enjoy.


  1. I like these areas. They are very colorful, and not as cluttered with placeables. I think it gives it a less realism and more storybook look which I like. It's a nice change up.

  2. Very Japanese architecture, and the layout is nice.

    I've learned TONS quickly from "eavesdropping" work by folks like y'all... so thanks for prefabbing stuff.

  3. @happycrow: thanks. The architecture is the Samarach houses from SoZ with the castle being a number of the Thayan buildings combined together. The city walls are interior "snake" walls from SoZ.

    The area is on the vault at