Monday, July 27, 2009

Mysterious Church screenies - ooooohhhh mysterious!

RWS Pocket Cathedrals is the tileset show, and it is great :-)
Here are five screenshots from the area I'm working on, a church interior. In the last you can see our intrepid game testing drow for scale. I've got to fix some things, the lighting isn't showing up ingame like the toolset shows. Maybe because there's a metric ton of lights and effects in the area.

(Yes, the ship is floating on purpose)


  1. Damn, you got me very curious about the floating ship now!

  2. It's a Halruaan Skyship (or at least the toolset ship model that looks most like one).

    At the end of Path of Evil (on the Vault, give it a try, it's rated just under 8 so most people have thought it quote decent, nudge nudge) one of your companions suggests you head towards Halruaa to visit a remote monastery and find out more about the item you have.

    It's not necessary to go there, but you can avoid wandering around wondering where to go if you find the information you're looking for in the monastery.