Saturday, January 2, 2010

More testing, More screenshots.

More completed testing brings more screenshots. Two small modules and the module covering the city of Murann and it's related areas are all bugfixed. Over 350 "bugs", though many of these are things like making some conversations into NWN1 format or removing the ability to use certain things that are usable in prefab.

Here is our villain (that would be you btw) exploring a prefab area.

Same area, with a companion backlit by the sun rising.
The prefab is

Sahagun Monastery, one of my areas I've released as a
Vault prefab.

Burj al-Kadar, a government building in Calimshan.

A random house in Calimshan.

Temple of Umberlee, Murann. She rules over the flooded city.

Another shot of the Temple of Umberlee, from the toolset (some water is not rendering here for whatever reason).


  1. Bug hunting can be a pain, I know, but it looks like it's coming together well. Will we see a release soon?

  2. Probably not so soon.

    I had the past week off and spent most of my time squishing bugs. The campaign has nine modules (including the released one) and I've tested 4, but 4 of the remaining 5 are quest heavy and the fifth has the overland system.

    My first module release suffered from insufficient testing as I rushed it out the door. I've learned from that.