Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bug squashing, now at 1000 and counting....

Last night I squashed bug number one thousand! I also opened up my last module to bugtesting. So actually I'm running under the 1300 bugs I'd estimated when I started testing. I may catch up though, I've come to the conclusion that to strengthen the story I'll need to add about a half modules worth of areas and do some more writing/scripting.

Anyways, new areas open for testing, that means new screenshots to share. The "look" is still being polished, but I like it anyway.



  1. Enjoy your bug chase, you are doing a great job!
    I especially like the candle-lit interior!

  2. The Ekkathys Fields shot is my favorite. I like what you did with the water there. Looks very cool!

  3. Great to see that you ticks those nasty buggies off rapidly. As Jclef, I's say that the Ekkathys shot is my favorite. Thumbs up!

  4. Thanks all.

    The fields are the farmland for the local city (Ekkathys). The water you see is supposed to be rice farms. I'd have preferred to have terraced rice farms but of course the tileset only does one level of water per grid square, so I have a active field and then a fallow field.

    Ekkathys itself I released as a prefab some time ago, but the rest of these areas will also see a prefab release shortly before or after I release the campaign.

  5. Goodness me! 250 areas and 150 quests is a huge amount of gameplay! When I did Soul Shaker, it had 25 areas approx and lasted 25 - 30 hours on average. I reckon your mod will last weeks! Amazing stuff!

    I do look forward to taking alook at your project on release.