Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feeling All Stabby

Like this guy from Futurama ---------------------->

You see, I had a perfectly working overland map. I could go anywhere in the game world. I'd tested it multiple times. The only problem was that the OM module had too many areas in it, making transitions to the OM slow as NWN2 loaded them all. So I split the OM module into two, one for eastern Faerun and one for western, and updated all the map triggers. Rebaked all the areas.

Simple right?

No. Now things are completely borked. See that placeable conversation? That's not a barkstring, and there are no conditionals on the responses. And the area to transition to is in that same module. I had one placeable conversation that did pop up correctly, but disappeared after a tiny fraction of a second. I couldn't even tell it had occurred except that it showed up in the log (as a barkstring). Then sometimes they work.

Except when they don't. I can close and reload and the behavior will change. Generally, I can't transition to new modules from my OM. On the occasions when I can, I can't go transition back.

Except when I can. I tested transitioning from a module back to the OM module, and either it doesn't work (nothing happens), or the transition works, but deposits me at the start point for the module instead of the destination waypoint.

I'm using Obsidian scripts and naming conventions.

So I'm going to ask for help from a kind soul out there to help me figure this out. I've reduced one of my OM modules to a few area and packaged it for someone out there to look at. Critters removed for tester safety, loadscreen hak removed etc, areas moved right together to test, but scripts kept. You can get it here.

Someone tell me what's wrong? Or do things just work for you?

On the other hand, the custom loadscreens and tips are still working just fine (that area is a prefab by sgk73).


  1. "deposits me at the start point for the module instead of the destination waypoint."

    I'm starting to see some of this behaviour too but not got into testing fully just yet. My first thing to do is to redo the ka_olmap_visit to my own custom script and see if that helps out. IIRC the SoZ maps use their own dialogues to handle transitions rather than the ka_olmap_visit ones. I'm also considering ditching the XX_wp_from_YYY work as that's another step to go wrong and chances are long wp name strings are something thats going to be an issue.

  2. Your suggestion on the official forums to change the campaign conversation distance seems to have done it. I had it set to 2. I switched it to 20 to test and it worked in both OM modules. I set it back to 2 and got the barkstrings again.

    Thanks! (also I should thank you for the tutorial you did on projecting a map, I had the idea independently and then found you'd already done the work on it.)

  3. Hi Kamal,

    I was going to take a look, but it seems you have it sorted. :) And I am still tryin got take a look at your mod between a ton of other stuff (including work on my own).

    I know how frustrating discovering problems like that one can be, so I'm glad you are back on track!


  4. Lance, if you want to wait a bit I'll have a new base version with the overland map working properly most likely later this week. It had been working fine before, so I hadn't caught this gamebreaking bug before my release.

  5. Hi Kamal,

    I might be playing a version before you split the map up aren't I?

    Or did you do that prior to your first upload?