Sunday, May 9, 2010

In praise of the tester!

Over half of the fixed bugs since I first put it out there for testing, and virtually every bug for the past month, have been reported by some guy who calls himself Sumguy. Thank you Sumguy! With all those reports, things are really coming together in many areas. I haven't had much time to test myself.

Campaign Bugtesting Wiki


  1. Good to hear you have found a solid tester. They are invaluable!

    I read from your link about your wife's poor health. I am sorry to hear that. I hope she regains health soon.

    I still have the priginal PoE installed ... I do hope to revisit it one day. :) However, I may wait for an updayed version and start again now. (Time will tell.)


  2. Well, if you're just doing the first module, that hasn't changed too extensively. But if you mean one of the the first test build of the complete campaign you'd want the update :-)

  3. Hehe thanks. I don't have too much time at my hands to test it but I squeeze in some time every now and then.

    Incidentally here's another bug report:
    I currently cannot continue because the module download seems to be broken ( I downloaded it twice and both times I get lots of error messages about corrupted data and broken files during extraction of the archive (around 80-90%).

  4. I just re-uploaded and tested the download. Should be good to go now.