Monday, May 31, 2010

June update: screenshots!

Ok, this is what people probably want to see, the Stronghold ingame. The player has just gotten it.

Here you can see a small village lying outside a larger city. Also visible is the irrigation canal on the left. Part of the stronghold's lands, this area doesn't have much of a purpose beyond you being able to wander around in it. I always wanted to wander the lands around Crossroads Keep. It didn't feel like you really ruled any lands, but more of an isolated keep.

Another view of the farmlands. The fields are flooded for rice growing.

In the town,this is the upperclass district (you may remember another very similar shot from a previous blog post).

A strange location.
Another strange location.
Finally, a loadscreen I like.
My depression seems to have broken, so I've been able to do some testing of my own and not just fix the bugs sumguy reported. As always, you can download, playtest and report (and see the) bugs here:

(A new version of the files is currently uploading, should be available June 1.)

Current status: Only a few remaining "placeholders" I'm aware of. There should be no showstopper bugs (I think sumguy found them all :-) ). The only large remaining feature to add is companion conversations when you right-click talk to them, but these are just for color and have no game consequence.


  1. I love the rice fields! a very original idea!

  2. Thanks. Because of the water/tile limit, I couldn't do real terraced rice farms, so I had to alternate active water filled and fallow dry fields.

  3. A much improved version of the night time estate district area. The height variation was definitely they difference, and the dirt blending finishes it.