Monday, June 28, 2010

I think that guy is mad.

Doesn't he look mad?

I've nearly finished polishing the companion quests. The screenshot is from one, and features one very oversized hezrou, using a sgk prefab (sgk is awesome). Just one companion sidequest remaining: the undead aren't attacking everything along their waypoints like they should. They just walk them and ignore the villager attacking them instead of attacking them. Hmmm, the factions are correct, the undead are hostile to all but themselves and player, and have the default ai. I thought critters would stop walking waypoint sets to attack something they are hostile to? Guess not.
I think my half orc companion's quest is my favorite quest for the entire game. A fun reversal of a common quest.  I hope there will be lots of "MUAHAHAHA!" if players do it. I was doing my best "evil laugh" in testing.
Oh yeah, finished polishing up another city too. No quest bugs, only polish type bugs. So that made things pretty quick on the fixing. This month has been extremely productive in terms of numbers of bugs fixed and getting different modules finalized. Maybe because most quest related bugs had already been ironed out, those take longer than giving a guard a post waypoint or highlighting something in a conversation.
Reading Wyrin's thread on the forums for White Plume Mountain and hearing the bugs people are posting for a well known author makes me feel better about my own bugs. I'm nearing number 2,000 :-)


  1. Hi Kamal,

    Which sgk prefab are you using? I am also using a large number of his prefabs. :)

    Your undead should attack fine set up the way you say they are. There is no other effect on them that prevents them attacking is there?

    I'm forever ironing out bugs along the way to help reduce the amount I will get in testing. No wonder ittakes me so long. ;)

    By the way, thanks for confirming you could post a comment OK. I did notice your comment on Shagret on the day I tried to post my own comment. I reckon the problem started after you posted yours and before I posted mine. The good news is, the problem has obviously been resolved now as my posts are now showing. :)


  2. The prefab in the picture is one of the sgk summoning circles. The companion's quest takes you to all four of them. I'm using virtually everything of sgk's, mostly to flesh out the OM.

    The undead bug is ironed out, I was reading the faction row, not column. Now they rampage properly. It's pretty funny watching cows attack them since they don't have the proper animations.