Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's Destroy Faerun

I've been kicking this idea around for awhile since doing some research on Faerun lore for Path of Evil.

According to the Faerun wiki, one of the demon/devil lords plots involves bringing Abeir-Toril into the Hells. Sounds like the beginnings of a solid plot right, to stop them from doing so? Well yeah, if you want something easy to accomplish.

No, instead our plot starts after Abier-Toril has already been brought into the Hells. With chaos everywhere, the Lords of Waterdeep have sent out a call to anyone willing to aid them. Their goal is to collect various artifacts (or activate them or whatever) that will be used to bring Toril back into the Prime. The Lords have a portal the players can use to get where they need to go to collect/activate etc. Even evil aligned players would have an incentive to do this, since being in the Hells probably interferes with their own evil plans.

So what you'd have is a central base with portals anywhere a designer would want to go, and carte blanche to do whatever to the location thanks to the shift to the Hells. Obviously this would be a high/epic level adventure.


  1. Are you getting another idea? :p

    This sounds like a good idea, actually, if done well. It could be loads of fun(and you'd have a good reason to have a devilish companion).

  2. Well, I wouldn't be doing any actual work on this until Path of Evil is released. But I figured I'd throw it out there. To me, it sounds like builder fun, whatever crazy ideas you had could happen. You want to burn Neverwinter to the ground, ok!

    I figured the modularity of the idea may be a way to get a group project like SoZ holiday or Halloween. I don't think I'm going to do any more projects after PoE that are just me, only contribute to others work.

    Also I like this way better than the Spellplague.....

  3. This sounds like a great idea to me.

  4. Hi Kamal,

    Unfortunately, I do not know anything about Faerun lore to make much of a comment. However, the idea from your description sounds good. :)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your comment raised an improtant issue that I failed to cover in the first blog post and it made me have to update the main blog. Check out my reply to you and the additional blog update. It should help better explain what I was trying to say.


  5. The idea of Abier-Toril in Hell. conjures up images of potted plants on the Antartic Ice Shelf, on the slopes of an active volcano, etc. I don't see it working.