Monday, July 12, 2010

Looks like another short break

My wife, who has been ill and in her home country for treatments the past few months, indicated she is going to be there indefinitely for treatment as there has been little improvement. Her illness is very tough on me and leaves me exhausted. So another break until my mood improves and I get more energy. When I get down I just feel like sleeping constantly.

In good news, the Eastern Faerun OM module is virtually finished. Just need to add some more "flavor text" and make sure the content I added there works since I added two quests to it. Western Faerun just needs some content added, but all the areas are in place. And the stronghold needs a bit more filling out.  That's pretty much it for the campaign though. Everything else is all tested and final and ready. For anyone interersted, everything's up on the wiki, or at least will be later today when the upload finishes (my home internet has been incredibly slow for some reason).



  1. Hi Kamal,

    Sorry to hear about your wife. I hope her health improves soon. I can relate to the tiredness very well.

    Be sure to add a link to your wiki entry when its ready.


  2. Added the wiki link. The wiki has the latest files, a buglist, and a list of fixed bugs (obviously some spoilers in that one). Things are really moving on the downhill path to completion, since the Overland Map stuff does not have many quests, which makes testing much easier.

    I'm quite happy with the high level (probably 12-15) quest I added in Thay over the weekend. I'd inserted one of the Misery Stone leftover areas, and wanted something good to go with them because they are so interesting. I found an interesting quest in the Candlekeep Compendiums (very handy for ideas).

  3. Hi Kamal,

    Thanks for the link. While there in no guarantee, if I do get some time, I will download and take a look. Even if I don't get to it this time around, I do hope to get to it one day. :)


  4. Hi Kamal,

    Just to let you know that I have downloaded this latest version and installed it without any issues this time (glad you got the hak bit fixed). Do you have an email address to contact directly on if I do get to try this again. (I played some before and have to be in the right mood to play through from the beginning again.)

    A quick couple of questions:

    1) Does it matter if I play a "good" PC?

    2) What does the "Reset Weapons AI" do with the item we get at the start?



  5. I didn't force the player to make an evil pc, but you will quickly become one if you're not, the game engine automatically gives evil points for killing good aligned creatures. The dialogs and quests do assume you're evil from the start.

    I don't assign any good/evil/lawful/chaotic points. I feel that is me "enforcing motivation", especially along the law/chaos line where a character could be giving a lawful/chaotic response out of a greater chaotic/lawful motivation the player has come up with for the character.

    The reset weapons ai must be from TonyK's, which I integrated. The item you get at the start gives a small bonus when carried and is a plot item. Think of it like a sword shard from the OC. You'll start learning more about it soon enough.

    If you prefer I can be emailed at kathorpe at gmail dot com. Or you can just post bugs/suggestopms to the wiki since I use the wiki directly for my bugtracking/suggestion stuff (put your suggestions in the "bugs" section). I also made a thread on the Bioware social network at for when the old forums close Monday. I suppose posting there will help "hype" the module.

    But really any way that you want to give feedback works fine.