Friday, August 13, 2010

Path of Evil does youtube

Near final video from the area I've been showing on the official forums. (there's a tile that doesn't quite match, I know). It's in multiple parts because fraps on my pc is limited to 30 seconds. I should buy the full version I guess. Youtube uploads are incredibly slow for me for some reason, I stuck the same clips on dropbox in about 5 miutes, but had to let the youtube uploader run overnight.


part 2

part 3

a different dungeon


  1. That does look colourful! I have no idea how you did the area. Did you use another tileset or placeables hak?


  2. The tileset is the Shadow Fortress tileset. For whatever reason, the changing the floor texture has no effect, but changing the wall texture changes both the wall and floor. I'm using the Sunken Fortress x2 textures. I have a couple haks installed, but I'm not sure if any of the tiles I used are part of them or not. There are no custom placeables, though I made some custom vfx based on originals by Anduraga for the portals and area you look at right at the beginning of the third video.

    Sarrukh live there. Since they're the progrenitor race of the yuan ti among others, I wanted a base look similar to the yuan ti look. So I applied the yuan ti tile textures to a different tileset. Also I wanted a very open look with multiple levels, to give archers a chance to shine.

    The purple lighting is because the sarrukh have that color skin in official artwork, I matched the light color to some artwork. The rest of the coloring went from there based on my posts on the official Social forum on color use.

    For the placeables and lighting, I decided I wanted to have something very alien looking since the Sarrukh are such an old race. So the first area looks like a strange forest, perhaps the Sarrukh are trying to recreate conditions from when they ruled? Official lore says Sarrukh might be trying to make a comeback, so the the glowing water is for their breeding chamber, where the eggs will sit before hatching. The second area (video 3) with all those portals is because the Sarrukh are experimenting with trying to open a portal to their past kingdoms, so more Sarrukh can come to replenish their numbers.

  3. awesome area I wish I saw this video a year and a half ago :P

    a tip for recording though
    get xfire it includes a fraps like recording mode that I have used from time to time.
    Highly recomend it (worked for me atleast :D)

  4. Well you could have if I hadn't just made the area! :-)