Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shadow Thief: Crimmor

Shadow Thief: Crimmor will provide typically 3 hours of gameplay focused on solo non-combat rogue play. The module is completable without any combat and face to face combat is purposely made extremely difficult to impossible. No xp is awarded for combat, only quest completion and exploration.

Use your skills as a Shadow Thief in the streets of the Amnian caravan capital of Crimmor. The module assumes you are a Shadow Thief, but would play fine if you wanted to pretend you were a Harper Agent infiltrating them. Players start at level 8 (may change). You can level up ingame. Rogue class is not forced but the game will likely be uncompletable if you are not at least primarily a rogue class as the module is all about skill usage.

The lockpicking GUI is courtesy Hellfire and KC of RWS. PRR controls chest ownership and pickpocketing.

As a proof of the concept of non-combat play and rogue play, Shadow Thief: Crimmor is almost entirely composed of prefabs and recycles some quests from my Path of Evil campaign. Because of this, it's already reached internal testing.


  1. I truly admire your work with the nwn2 toolset so many fresh ideas and cool concepts.

    its gonna be cool to see how this rogue mod of yours plays out :)

    Best wishes in your continous effort for the community !

  2. That sounds great! I've been playing with the idea of a similar type of module for too long. (except that I planned to leave the combat option for a few plot scenes and as a very hard panic way to get out of hostile situations). Now I guess I get to enjoy it without sweating myself :)

  3. Well, you can fight in this module. There's a couple standard "dungeon with monsters" areas. However, the idea is to make it so that if you do fight, you should not fight fairly but lay traps, sneak attack, cause cave ins and other sneaky "rogue-ey" things.

    Since there's no xp for fighting, there's no inherent incentive to fight. Quests are either conversational (ie convince someone to do something), exploratory (go from A to B), or aquisition (get some object).

  4. So your able to complitly avoid combat in this mod?

  5. "So your able to complitly avoid combat in this mod?"

    Yes. No quest requires killing. This is not to say there are no hostile creatures or no possibility of combat, because there certainly is. But this module can be completed entirely via sneaking past (hostile) enemies, stealing things, disguising yourself, talking, and perhaps running away.

    Because of that it should be a different experience for people. I expect some people to not like it even after I am upfront about things.

    People expect combat in NWN2 modules. So this is an experiment to make a module where combat is discouraged and the rogue's strength of stealth and skills are the way to succeed.

  6. This looks totally awesome - I'm definitely going to be playing this when it comes out. I love the lockpicking thing there!

    All of these cool projects being worked on make me want to crack open the toolset again...