Friday, January 14, 2011


The "patch hak" is working wonderfully. So thanks to Lance Botelle and Shaughn for that. I'm mostly focused on doing the support for the release right now, answering questions and of course fixing those pesky post-release bugs. Eventually I might write up all the little easter eggs I stuck in the game.


  1. Hi Kamal,

    I'm glad you find it useful. :)

    I would encourage every builder to use the system if I could, simply to avoid having to make players restart.

    Here is the link to my blog explaining the process to everyone again:-

    Of course, updating the campaign directory can accomplish much of the patching with NWN2, but being able to patch over other haks is almost priceless. :)


  2. I took the idea from Lance after reading his post above.

  3. Hi, the module looks excellent. I'm working on playing it as an Earth Genasi Fighter. However, I'm unable to complete the "Second in Command" quest. I've found three chests in the sewer, but I'm unable to unlock them (whenever I try, I'm told that I need a specific key for that lock...yes, I know! I have the key!).

    Is there something obvious that I'm missing?

  4. Never mind, found it! :D

  5. There is still a bug when you steal the tooth from devannis. As a rogue, use the tumble dlg option, which is #2 in the list. He will die and the item is not added to inventory.