Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The community's worst news in a while.

Hellfire is retiring from NWN2 projects. It was bound to happen eventually, but still.


  1. Hi Kamal,

    It's not so bad .... After all, just because another game has come along, can it do what NWN2 allows us to do? Can you build your own mods with it with the same degree of flexibility that NWN2 allows?

    If not, then NWN2 will still be around after this one has its moment of glory. If it can, then having a better toolset would have to be a good thing, yes?

    I have not looked at this in any more details yet, but for me to be converted to use as a mod builder, (if even possible - does it come with a toolset?) it would need to meet the following:-

    1) AD&D 3 - 3.5 rules. I am not enamoured with the fourth edition rules. If this was the only "drawback" however, I still might consider using it.

    2) Capable of supporting MP design as well as SP design. (For me, this is essential, as adventuring is a team participation and not just about soloing.)

    3) There is also argument about the DM Client, but I think it might be possible to ignore this element is further scripting is enabled.

    In other words, unless this game offers something to majorly enhance the AD&D CRPG experience, then NWN2 will still be the best program to use and support our gaming experiences. If, however, it offers MUCH more, like NWN2 did v NWN, without taking any of the essential elements away, then great!


  2. That's not the news. The news is Hellfire retiring from NWN2 projects.

  3. I saw this and couldn't for the life of me figure out what you were trying to point out - lol. I saw Hellfire's post and thought to myself, "Bummer" but I thought you were trying to point something else out about the game itself, which I couldn't find anything particularly new information on in that thread.

  4. Ah! Well, that is certainly a bit of disappointing news. As Anduraga said, it was not clear as to what you meant at first. ;)

    Still, I understand where you are coming from now.