Sunday, August 28, 2011

Walk around Crimmor for yourself

Since the last post generated a lot of excitement. Here is the full thing as it stands in it's incomplete and  little tested form.

edited I regularly back up to these locations. Lots of bug fixes, and many placeholder areas now finished/rebuilt. Same links as always


hak file

You can walk around most of the city by default, all the external areas are open by default and many internal areas are either open or a set of lockpicks away, or just open it in toolset. Some aren't complete, but most are. Most conversations are in place, even if they are relatively linear at this point and there's some placeholders. If you're interested in the plot, just talk to the guy you spawn in front of and you can be on your merry way. It will break on you a couple hours in, but should give you a taste for the gameplay.

Don't bother to report any bugs you find. This isn't a beta or anything like that, just a release of a pre-alpha so interested people can do what I said above, walk around and look around. Some quests already work, some don't, most areas have no sound (I plan on doing custom sound). Commoner npc's just stand there (their ai is disabled while it's being tested). If you open it in toolset there's some extra areas (those not named sh_ or shadow_).


  1. Cool, I'll definitely try that! Thanks Kamal.

  2. Then it shall be tested in the near future! :)

    call New Zealand

  3. No, there's still significant work to do. 3-4 quests are given but not developed, an area or two need to be added, several areas need to be populated, several more need rebuilding to meet the "look" of the city, custom sounds need converted and added, loadscreens need done, and support for some things needs to be done throughout instead of just in one city section. Plus scripting some of the generic city stuff. It's more than 50%, but certainly not 90% and testing imminent.

    I'm making test runs periodically just so I don't have to do all the testing at once. But even shifting to pure testing/polishing is a ways off.