Friday, April 6, 2012

What do you want in the commoner ai?

There are still some bugs, mostly in making sure the npcs to play their animation once they reach their waypoints and nailing down some time randomness. But at this point the ai's reached a state where I can start thinking about adding features people think need to be in an initial release. Some ideas I had:

Integration of Apep's dynamic commoners (Apep granting permission required): this allows commoners to automatically dress, get voicesets, names etc. I wouldn't expect permission problems from Apep. I view this as the "neat"-est thing that can be added.

Duplicate waypoint user detection: [edit: added this 7 April, and it worked on the first try! It also fixed the remaining animation bugs, npcs that elected the same wp would result in one getting bumped, and it would be too far from it's wp, so the animation would not play. Added feature and bugfix all in one!]
ensures an npc doesn't try to occupy the same waypoint that another one already is. Not so important for "cheering crowd", but the sitting and bed activities would benefit. Perhaps the most useful add, even if the benefit isn't highly visible except for specific actions.

Kemo sitting/bed support: for those halfling and dwarf commoners. Benefits the sitting/bed activities. I havnt looked at all at Kemo's system, this may turn out to not be doable. I think it should be doable, maybe not in a 1.0 release.

More detection of "appropriateness": npcs already equip their hands appropriately for activities. They could also dress appropriately, for instance making woodcutters wear leather armor.

Also in "appropriate"-ness: there are animations for female and male dance and seperate activity chances for each, but commoners don't currently only adopt the appropriate one (female npcs can currently choose the male dance animation and vice versa). Would people like commoners forced to adopt the "appropriate" animation for their gender? Would they want males being forced into the male dance animation even if the builder assigned 0% to male dance animation, or would re-selection of activity be preferable (that would mean a 50% chance of female dance would result in no males and 50% of females dancing) Or just leave it as is with no gender checks (females can play male dance animation and vice versa).

Holiday detection: allow a builder to use an area heartbeat to have a "holiday" setting, giving builders the ability to use a different set of ipoints for holiday action control (maybe the commoners all dance in the town square) This would be mostly on a builder to define when they wanted one, but a local int such as nIsHolidayToday could be set on an area to support that, and an alternate set of "holiday ipoints" could be included, with a small change to default scripting to look at that for that area variable and change the control ipoints appropriately.

Other, better ideas go below, or do you want to see a beta release first to play around with to see what you want?

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