Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crimmor: Hidden Pocket Armor

Hidden Pocket armor allows you to hide weaponry (or potentially other items) on yourself in case you face a search by someone. If you remember my Hidden Weapons (, Hidden Weapon class weapons are accounted for (they hide themselves, and so do not count against the hiding capacity of the armors).

Picture one: Wearing Hidden Pocket leather armor, the guard doesn't see the short sword in my inventory. You can see in the message window the hiding capacity and capacity used of the hidden pocket items I am wearing. Hidden Pocket armor by itself can hide one small, and two tiny, weapons.

In picture 2, the fact I'm wearing hidden pocket armor doesn't help, because he can plainly see the weapon since it's in my hands
Picture 3, a dagger is hidden. You can see how the dagger falls into the Tiny category, as opposed to the small category the shortsword is in. Size categories are from with a few adjustments (my Hidden Weaponry has hidden by default categories for some weapons, and I made slings tiny category because they can be folded up)
Picture 4, I've added Hidden Pocket boots to my Hidden Pocket armor, increasing my hiding capacity. Hidden Pocket armor has capacity 1 small, 2 tiny. Boots, Belt, and Bracers have capacity 1 tiny. This is defined in the script, so it could be changed.
Picture 5: Examine description of Hidden Pocket item, the armor in this case.
Picture 6: I'm wearing Hidden Pocket armor, but a longsword is too large to hide.

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  1. Hi Kamal,

    An interesting concept, which I imagine will play a bigger role in Crimmor that first realised.