Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good reason for an update :-)

As of today, the new main plot is tested through to completion in the test area. That makes a nice milestone towards completion. There's still a bunch of lines of conversation in the new plot that say "placeholder...", but the conditionals and scripts are in and apparently working.

Take care of some placeholder sidequests. They work, but aren't fully developed, or the areas for them are placeholders.
Put in sound in areas that don't currently have it.
Get consistency of activities through the campaign. For instance the use of my generic foraging/scavenging system is currently concentrated in a few areas. There are many other areas where I could realistically add potentially scavengable items.
Eliminate placeholder conversations, and get a consistent 'voice' for the Thieves Cant spoken in the campaign. There's a lot of Cant spoken in Crimmor, but since I'm learning it and writing over a period of time, I need to go over things and edit where needed so it has a consistent 'voice'
Miscellaneous scripting of npc activities to bring the city to life. My commoner ai goes a long way, but some npc's need specific scripting.
More pre-beta testing, testing, testing.

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