Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bedine Progress Update

With the exteneded time on the tile and exterior texture projects there is not a tremendous amount to update on Bedine. The main quest seems to work reliably in the test module. Some placeholder sidequests have been added.

I also want to thank Boccob's Blog, which has two posts on it with some two hundred (and two!) quest ideas. Lots of good ideas there. Not all would be suitable for implementing in Bedine, but a couple will show up as sidequests as I use the author's ideas to get me through a creative block in the toolset.

Pictured: The Zhentarim stronghold at Taroudant, it controls the eastern portion of the Black Road, the trade road that goes through the Anauroch. To the Bedine, the Zhentarim are known as the Black Robes. Some Bedine tribes work with the Black Robes as the Zhents are very generous with gifts, some tribes do not wish to work with the outlanders.

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