Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PJ's placeable cornucopia

 PJ's Placeable Cornucopia gets special mention in this post, for making these screenshots possible. I've been bringing placeholder areas up to standards and adding content from PJ's Cornucopia. Numerous different content haks come together in one master placeable 2da, complete with blueprints.

First shot: RWS cliffs, PJ's tintable stone walls.

Second shot: mushrooms from about 4 different packs, Callisters lights package

Third shot: RWS (tents), Morbane (arcane circle), Callister (lamp), Dragonlance (netting), Jaesun999 (rugs), Amraphael (rugs, lamp), Purgatorio (razorvine), Dreamteam (hanging bag).

Last shot: The screenshot contains content from MoW, Purgatorio, Dragonlance placeables, rjshae, and zspirit.


  1. That's a lot of placeables!

    Mind you, I can't remember half the ones I have access to already. ;)


  2. The cart tracks is a great idea, but you seem to lose realism in those support beams that look overstretched. If you want I can make you similar or exact-to-specification planks with much higher texture resolutions. I can also change anything particular about the models... for example making the planks at a different angle or vertical.

    Hopefully you post about bedine in the forum soon, not many get to see this.