Sunday, March 8, 2015

March Update

Virtually all the placeholder dialogs are now replaced with proper dialog. That doesn't mean I've got a whole bunch of dialog branches, but the core dialog is pretty much all in place now. The exceptions to this are the final showdown and the cohort dialogs. Also I think I'm going to add some area introduction cinematics/dialogs for major areas ala BG.

Two of the smaller sidequests that I took from the Anauroch sourcebook now have proper maps instead of placeholder maps, and their plotlines from the sourcebook are in place within the limitations of the NWN2 toolset.  I altered one of my existing maps to better fit the story and questline I wrote for it. I also added a sidequest that introduces one of the themes to the player. For the map for that I took a prefab map and altered it. It can be difficult to keep the style of another area builder when you want to make significant alterations to the terrain. These maps now all have creatures blueprinted for them, and sound in the areas, so they are pretty much complete unless I want to go back and add to them.

Lastly for maps for one of the main quest maps I took another prefab map and did the same thing to it, trying to keep a style while making major alterations. I also built two simple maps that get used in the main questline. The areas for those are not very complicated, so they're barely worth mention.

All told, good steady progress.

Pictures: Tropical beach, before and after I altered it to fit my needs.

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