Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Placeables Galore

Release of my Tileset Construction Kit and Placeables packs. Over a thousand new placeables ready for use.

Beginning with separating pieces from tilesets for use as individual placeables, I also broke out pieces of existing placeables that didn't exist as separate placeables in order to use them as separate placeables. Also included are natural material walls made from the Walls of the Faithless, Wall of the Faithless statues with more useful textures (stone/ice in case of medusa/white dragon), hanging flowery plants (reskin of soz vines/roots) to brighten up your areas.

By blueprint count, there are 800 placeables in the pack. I use original textures where possible to save on pack size. This pack includes my previously released natural glowy stuff pack.

Tileset Construction Kit:

Placeables Pack:

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