Thursday, March 19, 2009

Companions have opinions too!

I've been working on companion conversations since the last update. The goal is to have them be able to comment on every quest as well as give opinions on major npc's (including each other), locations and other events. With eight possible companions this is quite an undertaking from a writing standpoint.

So far each has about a thousand words of conversation, just about quests that are currently defined. By the time they talk about everything I want them to, I wouldn't be surprised to see several thousand words each by the time the pc race/class specific dialog results are completed.

Also I added another quest in to al-Qasr al-Kabir. Since Calimshan is famous for its intrigues and underworld, I wanted to put in a quest that directly ties in to that. There went another 1500 words of dialog for a single quest (in comparison, each questgiver's conversation in the first module has about 1200 words total).

Finally, I fleshed out some optional quests I'm going to retrofit into the first module to give it more depth and replayability. The result is going to be an extended first module. I haven't started building the optional quests in POE1 yet though because I've been working on POE2.

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