Monday, March 9, 2009

Initial Testing

I also spent a bit of time doing some inital testing of quests and conversations when I got tired of building. Looks like the lessons I learned from the initial module paid off, the majority of quests and conversations worked correctly right off the bat or with one or two tweaks. In fact I reached a point where I needed to write the conversation for someone I didn't expect to reach during my testing, near the end of the questpath for the city.

I also adapted a random questgiving script someone put on the vault for NWN1 to give my commoners some random talks. They'll have more "color" now than they did in the Beggar's Nest.

Finally, I went back to the Path of Evil first module and put in a bunch of talks for the two companions (in the 1.06 update). Now you can ask them about various people and quests.

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