Monday, March 30, 2009

Path of Evil 1.5

I spent some time this weekend going back to the first module in the series with the intent of improving it in a number of ways.

New areas; Docks district of my own making, a new entirely optional crypt in the Great Graveyard, new interior areas in the docks (the dock interiors will reuse Simaon's generic interiors, but players will see interiors they have not seen in the module before)

Relighting of some interior areas: dynamic lighting will be turned off underground, so its darker and spookier in the crypts and the player may want a torch or other light source. Crypts were re-lit with placeable torches so it will not be necessary to carry one, but carrying one will make an obvious light difference.

Roleplaying was increased via more dialog choices. It's won't generally affect quest outcome (it does in a few cases), but you'll be able to give your pc more personality and won't have just one response option.

Walking through all the dialog to do the above showed some grammatical and style errors, which I corrected.

optional quests: 3 optionable quests for each path doable at any time after joining the initial questgiver. This should reduce linearity.

Events after the "end" of the current module. You will now reach the point of leaving Neverwinter. This provides a clean break with where module 2 starts, so I don't have to make players download an area twice. Together with the optional quests there should be nearly twice as many quests for the pc.

Improved storyline flow. I was never really happy with how the module starts by talking about some events that just happened, but then these pretty much get abandoned until later. Your adversaries will now be looking for you.

Finally, rebalancing to make some things easier. Several people complained about difficulty in certain areas.

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