Sunday, January 10, 2010

Come see the Calimport Muzad...

Welcome to the Calimport Muzad: the undercity under Calimport.

I really like this shot ---->

I'm torn on the fog though. This fog looks pretty cool, but realistically it should be black fog since the Muzad is underground. What do people think?

The Temple of Old Night stands off to the left, dominating the Muzad.

What kind of house is that in the background?

The Muzad was created as Calimport simply built over old areas. Many ruins line the streets.

Some cultivate light giving plants and mushrooms in the darkness.

Outside the Temple of Old Night is a large market. You might not walk away with all your fingers if you're not careful. (incidentally I removed that large tent, it interferes too much with the ingame camera.)

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