Thursday, January 7, 2010

Custom vfx, falling cherry blossoms and driving blizzard

Banshe on the official forums said he wanted to have falling cherry blossoms for an asian themed mod. So I whipped some up.

Cherry petals version. In this version the petals slowly fall straight down. As a response to Banshe's request for this behavior.

Also a driving blizzard effect, which is hard on video cards, but combined with a short distance white fog makes a convincing blizzard. It takes the Thaymount Dust and replaces the default tga for it with the snow tga.

Our friend the blade golem provides a sense of the fog range in the second picture. The short fog distance helps the video card too.

Both the flowers, petals, and blizzard are tintable. Here is a "cherry storm"

"Cherry blizzard" test shots. Let's just say this does bad things to your video card....

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